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Glad to see you here:D

I am a second year master student of human-computer interaction at Georgia Tech. Discovering my love for human-centered design and technology, I treasure every moment learning new things, talking to people, experiencing and creating here at Tech.

I have always been learning to balance my life and my personality: life with course work, research study, hobbies, internship and social work; personality with one side armed with engineering thinking and the other with love in stage designing, drama writing, music and now drawing.

I regard myself as an energetic, outgoing, independent and self-motivated individual. I am ready to face uncertainty and see the world!

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Who Am I?

Kids guard & App Fan:  used to be the editor of kids apps in App Store, learning to empathize with my young users under 11 and striving to bring best products to Chinese parents and children; Since my internship from September, I have said hello to more than 1,000 apps!

Future designer: to sharpen my eyes by writing down good and bad designs around me, even on the subway;

Artist on the way: came back to drawing now since the 3-year-training in primary school, making progress everyday;

Drama writer: have been writing scripts of class drama for three years, including lyrics for a musical; wish to be heroine next year!

Voice: journalist in our college TV station and broadcaster since middle school;

Cheer leader: used to be a member of the award-winning aerobics team in our school and team leader of our department;

Video Maker: participated in 5+ short videos, familiar with storyboard, camera position design, and post production;

Music enthusiastic: 100+ CDs collected, from Mozart to Nirvana;

Swimming newbie: just started to learn free-style swimming, really excited!

Life explorer: have been living in Beijing by myself since high school, good story to tell!