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About This Collection


This is a collection of my design works ranging from graphic design to web design and implementation. Some of the works are smaller user-centered design project or design challenge, and some are client projects or graphic designs.


QUOTA: QUality Of Time Assured

This is a 3-day design challenge with prompt: "There are a lot of meetings that occur frequently throughout the day to complete work. Please design a mobile app or feature to enhance users meeting experience.”

I stumbled first thinking about designing a brand new cool calendar app with all fancy meeting organize features. Through some research, I found another lighter yet important pain point: people need time to work on their own to get things done, and meetings sometimes make this really hard.

Through more tiny research attempts, the idea of QUOTA was fleshed out: an app to assist users to allocate time in meeting and work alone, by syncing with existing calendars, setting up meeting time upper bound, suggested rescheduling, dynamically updating based on each invitation, etc. The key of QUOTA is to add another layer of checking towards a balanced schedule. 

Here are the key interfaces of QUOTA, and feel free to check the whole design process slide deck


Sweet Auburn Media Strategy: Poster Set

Sweet Auburn is an area in downtown Atlanta, which is known as the birth place of Martin Luther King Jr. However, there are way more inspiring stories, cultural treasures and historical moments shining from the buildings, graffitis, and the community. 

As part of the revitalization initiative to “Make Auburn Sweet”, I designed two sets of posters for 1) Streetcar Atlanta which covers from midtown to downtown Atlanta; and 2) Jazz culture which still thrives in the area with some local must-go places (see the landmarks in each poster). Both topics are about inner connections that unite people, places, community, and history.


Mapping Justice: Interactive Map for Atlanta Legal Aid Society

This is a team project for our client Atlanta Legal Aid Society in the course Computing for Good. ALAS is investigating the proliferation of contract-for-deed properties in the Atlanta area, especially on the possible discriminatory practices towards African-American communities. Our team delivered an interactive map web application to synthesize existing property information including median home price, income, and racial demographics to identify discrimination and work as valid court files. The system well met our client's needs, and attracted much attention during our presentation to other Atlanta local nonprofit organizations for other potential adaptation.

I was responsible for interface design and some front end coding for the system. Due to confidentiality of the ongoing legal case, all interfaces shown here are from primary designs without real data layers. Polygons are used for showing area data layers, including median house price and racial density from census data. Points stand for the existing properties that are harmed by toxic transactions. 


Website design & Implementation: Nanoelectronics Research Lab @GT

This is a individual client work for Nanoelectronics Research Lab at Georgia Tech, for their new lab website redesign and implementation. I conducted comparative analysis, idea pitch, design consolidation, implementation using Bootstrap and some user testing within the 2 months of project. Key visual frames are presented below including some pitch screens and final design.


Words & Meanings: Still I Rise Project

This is a creative project from Visual Culture and Design course. We were asked to choose words from the poem by Maya Angelou titled, “Still I Rise”, and design 3 panels that visually represent the meaning and the emotion associated with the words. It was a 3-week, 3-times-per-week of brainstorm, sketch, design, present, critique, and iteration process, which was yes, painful and challenging, but fulfilling. Here are some of my works from the project. My designs of Maya Angelou’s silhouette and the weakened chain were chosen as part of the 2016 Clough Art Crawl Exhibition.

This recreation brought me way deeper understanding of this powerful poem. If you like it, I have a Chinese poem for you: Believe in the Future 相信未来


Get Your Green: Infographic Design

This is a project for my undergraduate course Essentials of Management. Leading a team of 6, we “built” a company running the website “Get Your Green” for gardeners and plant lovers to communicate, learn and purchase. Feel free to see the whole project here.

Our team did an extensive investigation by questionnaire, to learn more about our target users, do market segmentation, and revise our assumptions in functionality design. Here is the infographic I designed for our questionnaire results.