FUN ME - An Info Sharing App in Augmented Reality

What was delivered?


FUN ME (FUN觅物) is a mobile app using augmented reality used to share social activities based on location. I was responsible for user research, feature design, low-fi prototyping and a stop-motion video sketch together with two future artists. Watch the video for Fun Me in context!


How was it achieved?

Problems, Ideas and User Study
Survey | Interview

The original ideas came from our everyday experience about social, and we found more people have the similar feelings.


Our team came up with the idea of an application that serves people in a more straightforward way: showing information of the places caught by the camera right on the screen - augmented reality.


Moved on with an exciting new idea, we conducted user studies by questionnaires and in-depth interview. 

From the 42 questionnaires collected, more than 80% of the interviewees welcomed the idea, while some expressed their concerns on technological realization, and 2 of the interviewees had a very negative attitude toward using mobile phone applications.

For the in-depth interview, we chose 8 people (3 males and 5 females) aged from 18 to 24; all are smart phone users, and most of them are novices in professional fields, college students, and high school students. More specific and deeper opinions about the application were collected.


Competitive Analysis
Comparative analysis | Radar chart

We did competitive analysis on current available apps with similar functions or technologies: review, travel, location share and maps:


Build a Persona and Her Scenario
Persona | Scenario


  • Sofia has some busy days in school, and she plans to go to HouHai Park to visit some shops for refreshment.
  • She takes out her phone and searches on Dianping for advice. Not finding much useful information, she gave up. 
  • Sitting on the bench alone, she feels a little bored and wonders what happened here, even something at where she is sitting now!
  • “Maybe I can get some stories here.” Sofia says to herself. Excited by this idea, she opens FUN ME.
  • Holding the camera at the scenes around her, Sofia finds comments of shops and restaurants, personal experience, photos, and even a touching love story recorded three years ago!
  • Sofia taps on the “Add” button to send her own post, making contribution to this app which brings her fun!

Wireframes and Low-fidelity Prototype
Sketching | Wireframing | Prototyping

We designed logic for the functionalities to make it work. Then I made a low-fidelity prototype using Mockingbot

Interface Design: insights, more than the look
UI design | Context mockup

From the user feedback of the prototype, we found that people prefer interesting, creative way to present information on the screen. Brainstormed within the team, we came up with the idea that information is part of human, and people are sending information just like leaving something behind them.Virtual information is transformed into solid substances in this innovative way! Our app has another name called “FUN 觅物”, emphasizing those little things from us but are often ignored.

A lovely and special hand drawing style of the overall interface was designed, and later received a warm welcome from the users. I designed some of the UI elements and drafted them for my teammates majoring in Visual Communication to draw the visualized ones.


Here are some of the detailed interface design and function description in using context. For more, see the video sketch!