SportsPal: an Android app for sports and social networking

What was delivered?

Working Android app, SportsPal, with full report for campus sports & social promotion, won First Prize among 381 projects at Tsinghua.

I worked as UX lead and product manager coordinated both internal and external resources.

How was it achieved?

1. Ideas

It's kind of natural to come up with this idea about sports and social activities at Tsinghua. We have a long tradition in sports from early years till today. However, we still hear complaints about every now and than, about time, companion, and stadiums

We just want to give them a hand, to help those active sports fans to find places and people more easily, to help those shy geeks to be more social. The idea of an app, SportsPal, taking the meaning of sports and friends, ignited our passion.

2. Background, Literature, and User Study

I made infographics to briefly describe our work in the background, literature and user study. I chose some key information from all the analysis.

3. Functionality Specification

To make the application meet the needs, we brainstorms several functions and try our best to make it clear and simple.

Key functions in SportsPal include organize and join sports activities (identify time, location and sport type, number of people needed), reserve venues, add and manage friend, and personal sports management. These functions are represented briefly here.


4. Prototypes: make something work

We conducted iterations during the design of the prototypes, techniques like heuristic evaluation and small scale of user tests were also used during the process.

a. Low-fi Prototype (in Balsamiq)

b. High-fi Prototype

Limited by time, I only have time for a prototype with basic interface instead of detailed UI design. Mood board was used to choose this clean, fresh blue color as our key color of SportsPal.

5. User Test and Implementation

Think-aloud-method was used to test iterations of prototype and during implementation. 

A typical think-aloud process includes:

  • An exercise unrelated to our product and tasks
  • For activity initiator, three tasks with detailed backgrounds and circumstances were required to complete:
  • For activity responder, they were also required to finish three tasks:
  • For all participant, some basic operations are required:

For implementation, our developer team developed this application based on Android 4.2.2 and tested on Samsung S4. They really did a great job to finish work in such a short time: they are our heroes!

6. One more thing——Video Presentation!

Our work was presented using a short animated film in Powtoon. This short video introduces the background of SportsPal, and tells a story about two students find each other for a badminton game, introducing various functions of the app. This animation won a warm welcome from our first round of presentation and I kept making modifications to make it better:D

As it is used to assist presentation, there are no background audio or subtitle in the video...and sorry for it's in Chinese.